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Ravicchio is a truly exceptional, original and visual theatre artist…” (…)Brilliant is the only word to describe Ravicchio's talent for producing dialogue and visual imagery alike.
Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

"Ravicchio creates theatre in images full of cinematic drive and artistic lines, and he directs his actors with the spatial sense of a sculptor."  
Information, Denmark

Giacomo Ravicchio, born in 1958 in Turin, Italy.

Award-winning playwright, director, set designer and actor. Co-founder of Meridiano in Copenhagen in 1996. From 1974 until 1995, affiliated with the Teatro dell'Angolo in Turin, where he has created over 40 performances. Has also produced and directed performances for theatres in among other places Paris, Madrid and Montréal.

His performances have toured in some 40 countries all over the world and have been presented at some of the most important international festivals, and today he is ranked among the most played Italian theatre dramatist in the world.

  • Reumert 2012 – Best show for children and young people – ‘Little steps’ (director, visual designer and co-author)
  • Nordea Fonden in Hellerup - Artist Award 2010
  • 'Best director award' in the festival ’New Generation’, Turin, Italy april 2008
  • 'The Excellent Production', Shanghai july 2007
  • Awarded The Italian Cross of the Order of Chivalry: 'Ordine della Stella della Solidarietà Italiana', Copenhagen, June 2007
  • Premio Maria Signorelli 2006-2007 XX° Stagione Teatrale del Teatro Verde, Italien
  • Premio Stregagatto, Italy, 2004
  • Villanueva Awards Critic – Best performance 2003, Cuba, January 2004
  • Grand Prix of the Jury: Best performance, GIFFONI festival, July 2003
  • Award for best Italian production, ETI Rome, May 1991
  • AGIS award for the best Italian production with the most performances abroad, May 1991
  • Critics award, Montreal, May 1989
  • Two awards in the "Festival des Ameriques" for best sound and best visual concept, May 1989
  • Schauspiele ’88, Award for best set design, Munich, May 1988
  • Award for best foreign performance, Montreal, May 1987
  • The city of Turin Award, Theatre Play, Turin, May 1987
  • The "Golden Ticket" AGIS/BNL in Taormina, August 1986